Border City captures coverage of Tijuana

By Lynne Perri


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The Los Angeles Times Studios released Border City recently, an eight-part podcast that has consumed IRW contributing editor Susan White and her friend and reporter Sandra Dibble for several years.

Editor Susan White, left, and reporter Sandra Dibble read through the script for Border City.
The podcast is about Dibble’s years reporting and living in Tijuana, Mexico. (San Diego-Union Tribune)

Dibble reported on Tijuana, Mexico, for the San Diego Union-Tribune for 28 years. She now lives in Imperial Beach, California, “close enough to see Tijuana’s lights from my terrace,” she wrote in a recent column, and to go back and forth to see friends. 

“I feel like I’ve gotten a lot more in-depth sort of emotionally, not just journalistically,” she said in an interview last year with IRW. “And if people can connect to that, I think it humanizes the city.”

She and co-creator and editor White tried to capture how much Dibble grew to love the city.

“There’s violence, of course, as you’d expect from a life lived in one of the world’s most dangerous cities,” White wrote. “But there’s also music, dance, hope and compassion.”

The LA Times Studio also produced Dirty John, Room 20 and other popular podcasts. Border City is available on Apple and other podcast sites.