Program wins Writers Guild Award

Ambulance in front of hospital (FRONTLINE)

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“The Healthcare Divide,” the most recent of many collaborations over the years among veteran FRONTLINE writer-producer Rick Young and his team, NPR and the Investigative Reporting Workshop, has won a Writers Guild Award.

The program, which aired in 2021, looked at disparities in American health care and the large urban hospitals hit hard by the pandemic. Reporters traveled across the country over four months to examine the market forces and uneven government support that were deepening the problems. They found widening resources between rich hospitals and those that serve the poor.

“The Healthcare Divide” won in the category of documentary scripts that tackled current events. It was written and directed by Young and produced by Emma Schwartz and Fritz Kramer. Schwartz and correspondent Laura Sullivan of NPR also reported the story, and Kramer and Adam Lingo edited. IRW/FRONTLINE Graduate Fellow Robert Boyd was a contributing reporter as well.

You can view the full program here.