As a nonprofit newsroom and training ground for future journalists, the Workshop is funded primarily by grants from private foundations and donations from individuals. Royalties for media content (for example, FRONTLINE co-productions) and payments from companies for services rendered (such as fact-checking services, data collection or analysis) comprise a smaller portion of the funding base.

The Workshop does not seek nor accept contributions from labor unions, governments, political parties or advocacy organizations. We may accept corporate contributions in limited instances and may partner with for-profit entities, such as major media outlets, to advance journalism, media, democracy and freedom of speech. Workshop editors and staff may attend domestic and international conferences and allow travel expenses to be covered by conference organizers (corporate, government and nonprofit entities) in order to speak on issues related to investigative journalism and the free press.  The Workshop will accept corporate matches to their employees’ charitable contributions.

Required narrative and financial reports are made to funders detailing the use of grant funds and, through stewardship newsletters and periodic updates, individual donors are informed about Workshop activities. All grants of more than $5,000 and donations of $250 annually and more are disclosed below.

The Workshop maintains a strict separation between funding and editorial content and funders are not involved in editorial decisions. Editorial content may be discussed with publishing and investigating partners, some of which may be for-profit media entities, such as The Washington Post and documentary producers.


The Workshop gratefully acknowledges the foundations, organizations and individuals who have made grants, donations and in-kind gifts in the past three years.


  • Evelyn Y. Davis Foundation
  • First Sprouts Fund
  • Fund for Constitutional Government
  • Litowitz Family Foundation
  • John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
  • Giles W. and Elise G. Mead Foundation
  • Miami Foundation/INN NewsMatch
  • National Philanthropic Trust
  • Park Foundation
  • Scripps Howard Foundation
  • Tarbell Foundation

Individual Donors

  • Tarek Anandam
  • Patricia Aufderheide (in memory of Ron Sutton)
  • Joel M. Cohn
  • James F. and Marlene Connors
  • Jonathan Coopersmith
  • Berit Enge
  • Elizabeth Hill
  • Casey A. Jenkins
  • Charles Lewis & Pamela Gilbert
  • David & Pamela Roberts Malmgren
  • Marc Miller & Stephanie deSibour
  • Neal A. Pattison
  • Joseph A. Pika
  • James B. Steele
  • Nancy Sturm
  • Mark Thompson