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By Kiernan Nicholls


Data Journalism
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The Accountability Project now includes the Security and Exchange Commission’s list of active broker-dealers from March 2007 to April 2022.

The brokers and dealers on the list are those in the business of buying and selling securities on their own or on behalf of others. They are required to register with the SEC and join a self-regulatory organization such as the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA).

TAP has combined the lists, published by the SEC monthly since March 2007, into a single searchable dataset containing the most recent appearance of each. Searching these names and addresses will return results along with any matches in our many other datasets, such as campaign contributions or lobbyist registrations.

The TAP team continues to update data and expand our collection. This week we added campaign-finance data for Idaho, Kansas, North Dakota and Nebraska. We also updated our multiple federal spending and federal lobbyist datasets through March. Be sure to check our change log for a comprehensive list of updates.

If you have data you’d like to see added to our collection of 1.5 billion records, please suggest it for inclusion.