From the archives: Programs produced in affiliation with FRONTLINE examined campaign spending, Trump’s trade wars and an ongoing housing crisis that a federal program has yet to fix.

By Workshop staff

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Since our partnership began with the PBS FRONTLINE team based in Washington, D.C., the Investigative Reporting Workshop has co-produced 15 documentaries and several online reports on subjects from immigration to health care, from politics to housing.

“Trump’s Trade War,” tells the inside story of President Trump’s gamble to confront China over trade, and our package includes a look at how we did the story as well as the full program:

Other stories that include direct and indirect ties to politics:

Politics, Poverty and Profit

An investigation into the the crisis in affordable housing and why so few are getting the help they need, with additional coverage on how we did the math.

In October 2020, NPR reporter and the correspondent for the FRONTLINE program, Laura Sullivan, produced an update on the lives of several women featured in the original documentary.

Big Sky, Big Money

In 2012, we looked into the growing influence on elections from dark money groups, tax-exempt organizations that can accept unlimited contributions and do not have to identify their donors. This package included work not only by the FRONTLINE team, but also by ProPublica and MarketPlace.

“The Digital Campaign” was a series of stories leading up to the documentary that aired on the PBS NewsHour.

These stories explained how campaigns use data to reveal something about what drives us to vote one way or another.

“GunRunners” was produced for multiple websites (IRW, FRONTLINE, The Center for Public Integrity, Insight) and revealed operational methods of gunrunners, exposing a circuitous and little-known pipeline of assault weapons extending more than 7,000 miles from Romania through the United States and into Mexico.