Welcoming international journalists

By Eva Herscowitz

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The Investigative Reporting Workshop welcomed journalists from around the globe at last week’s Investigative Reporters & Editors annual conference, co-sponsoring a luncheon for international journalists. 

The Friday lunch, co-sponsored by IRW and the Global Investigative Journalism Network, brought together journalists from nearly 30 countries, said Stephanie Klimstra, IRE’s director of events. More than 60 people attended the program.  

This was a banner year for international investigative journalism, with blockbuster investigations emanating from nearly every continent. 

The Centro de Integridade Pública investigated mining in Mozambique, finding that companies failed to compensate communities affected by resource extraction. Using data from the Pandora Papers, the Center for Investigative Journalism examined offshore money in Nepal, identifying 16 citizens linked to shell companies. 

The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, which IRW Executive Editor Chuck Lewis founded, recently revealed that the telecom giant, Ericsson, collaborated with terrorists for financial gain. 

Last week’s luncheon in Denver, connected journalists disparate in nationality, but united by their interest in investigative journalism. 

“It was nice to have an opportunity to talk with reporters who are doing courageous work all over the world, and to see how much the international presence has grown at IRE,” said John Sullivan, IRW’s acting Executive Editor who represented the Workshop in Denver.

“News organizations across the country are recognizing the value of these international investigative projects, and are seeking to partner and build their own teams. It marks a great time of expansion for international investigative reporting.”