Watching immigration changes under Biden

The White House at night (Wikimedia Commons)

By Aneeta Mathur-Ashton

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The Investigative Reporting Workshop continues tracking immigration policy changes, executive orders and court decisions made by and during the Biden administration in an interactive timeline.

President Joe Biden, who entered the White House with a promise to tackle major, unsolved immigration challenges, has faced several additional hurdles during his first year in office.

These challenges include the continued influx of Afghan refugees, following the collapse of the country after the withdrawal of American and NATO forces in August; the Haitian migrant influx at the Southern border in September; a backlogged immigration court system; and the ongoing battle to reinstate the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy.

The administration also continues to face major pushback from immigration advocates over the treatment of migrants entering the southern border through Texas, the efforts to reunite families separated at the border under the previous administration, and the efforts to contain COVID-19 infections in crowded detention facilities.

Major immigration stories from IRW this year include Dying in Silence: Families, activists, ACLU question ICE’s accounting of deaths in detention and Millions flee during 20-year war on terror.

We also tracked changes to the immigration system under the Trump administration through a separate interactive timeline as well as several blog posts, including How Trump is shaping immigration policy, and 30,000 across from White House demand ‘families belong together.’

And we followed the massive roadblocks Afghan journalists have been facing in the light of the resurgence of the Taliban following the withdrawal of American and NATO forces. As the Taliban continue to crack down on reporters and pass harsh laws restricting the media, it will become extremely difficult for those outside the country to learn what is happening inside.

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