TAP: We do the heavy lifting

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By Kiernan Nicholls


Data Journalism
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IRW’s Accountability Project is home to hundreds of public datasets across all 50 states.

We do the heavy lifting: curating, standardizing and indexing public data to give journalists, researchers and others a simple way to search across otherwise siloed records. Our collection includes 1.4 billion public records so far.

Our data focuses on people, organizations and locations. Our collections cover a wide array of topics, ranging from money in politics to government spending to business ownership and medical facilities. 

For example: If you’re interested in Pennsylvania, search a name or address and you’ll be able to  find results from campaign contributions and expenditures, registered lobbyists and salaries for employees working for the state or city of Philadelphia.

Some TAP data requires a free account to search; for example, account holders can also find results from registered New Jersey voters and property tax rolls in the state.

Visit the TAP dataset collection page and filter by your state to see the public data available to search. Sign up for an account to search every dataset.If you’d like to contribute to the Accountability Project, you can suggest a dataset for inclusion. If you’re using TAP data for a story or research, please let us know.