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By Workshop staff


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The Overseas Press Club will host a webinar next week on how the “Trump’s Trade War” was reported. The FRONTLINE program is the 2020 winner of the Morton Frank Award from the OPC for best international business news reporting in TV, video, radio, audio or podcast. 

The webinar, being held in lieu of an awards program this year, will run from 6 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 21, and includes Rick Young, producer-writer-director; Emma Schwartz, co-producer and reporter; Fritz Kramer, co-producer and editor; and Laura Sullivan, reporter and correspondent. “Trump’s Trade War” was co-produced by FRONTLINE and NPR in association with IRW. The event is free but requires registering here in advance.

“Trump’s Trade War” draws parallels between China and the U.S., offering viewers a look at a competitive relationship between the two nations, which extends beyond the ongoing clash on trade. The documentary presents the U.S. business community’s hesitation to address Chinese business practices that violate trade rules and offers a look at what’s ahead for trade between the two nations. You can watch the program in advance or read related stories on IRW’s site.

“Trump’s Trade War” is also a finalist this year for the Gerald Loeb Award for distinguished business and financial journalism. Young and the FRONTLINE team won the Loeb award last year for “Blackout in Puerto Rico,” which focused on life in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.