Margot Susca

Margot Susca (Ph.D., Florida State University) is a professorial lecturer in SOC’s journalism division who also heads the weekend M.A. program in Journalism and Digital Storytelling and is an associate editor at the Investigative Reporting Workshop in the summers.

She teaches courses in reporting, journalism ethics, children’s media culture, mass media and society, and code. Her academic work and research focus on journalism and society, corporate media ownership and democracy, lobbying and its effect on media policy, and U.S. military recruitment video games.

Dr. Susca has published articles on these subjects in The New Republic, the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, and Salon through her work with The Conversation. First Amendment Studies, Global Media Journal, and the ICA journal Communication, Culture & Critique have published her peer-reviewed research. She also has presented work in these areas at conferences in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

She is a frequent guest and expert for radio, TV, and online news outlets around the world, discussing media ownership, media mergers and consolidation, journalism and democracy, and journalism ethics.