Tainted History

Update as of June 9, 2023: Juilliard fires professor, institutes new rules on relationships between faculty and students. Update as of Dec. 18: About 450 composers, musicians, educators and arts leaders signed an open letter, published on Medium, to the administration, calling on the Juilliard School to take disciplinary action against composer Robert Beaser for …

Built & Broken

Jim Manion, the leader of bodybuilding’s top federations, assured promoters who pay fees to host bodybuilding competitions that business would proceed as usual in the aftermath of a Washington Post investigation into the sexual exploitation of female contestants. Tuesday’s story in The Post was based on interviews with 20 women who detailed their experiences with …

How the NFL blocks Black coaches

Nearly two decades after the NFL enacted the Rooney Rule, teams’ hiring and firing practices still disadvantage Black coaches at every turn — and it’s getting worse, a Washington Post investigation found.

Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Protect water or advance green energy

The green economy creates a tug-of-war in Northeast Minnesota, where companies seeking mining rights for critical minerals challenge those who want to protect pristine waterways.