Videos: Lost in Detention

Monday, October 17th, 2011 

We interviewed those in detention facilities, soup kitchens, resource centers and American businesses to get a fuller picture of life along the border.

Gian Rondon, Arizona Detainee

Longtime legal U.S. resident Rondon was held for 18 months before ICE officials released him and dropped all charges.


Diego, Failed Migrant

Diego was lost in the desert in the first of his attempts to cross into the United States to try to make money for his family.


Minerva, Deported Mom

This California resident was deported, leaving behind two U.S.-born daughters. She now hopes family in Mexico can help her get them back.


Pete Neeley, Border Priest

The Catholic priest runs a soup kitchen that aids those who have been returned to Mexico.


Gilberto, Refugee Worker

Gilberto ran a center that provided food, clothing and medical care to those being sent back to Mexico.


Janet Warner, American Bartender

Warner describes the immigrants in her town as friendly, family-oriented members of the community who pay their taxes.



Florence Detention Center

The center is one of the nation's busiest, processing people for deportation, usually within three weeks of their arrival.