Business of Disaster

Superstorm Sandy victims still struggling

Tuesday, May 24th, 2016 

A new PBS FRONTLINE/NPR investigation, "Business of Disaster," examines why thousands of residents of New Jersey and New York are still struggling more than three years after a huge East Coast storm devastated their communities.

Watch the trailer:

NPR reporter Laura Sullivan teamed up with the PBS FRONTLINE production team — writer-producer Rick Young and associate producers Emma Schwartz and Fritz Kramer — based at the Investigative Reporting Workshop and the School of Communication to take a deep dive into the nation’s disaster-recovery system. Their reporting reveals major problems with the flood-insurance program and efforts to build more resilient communities.

This is the ninth co-production between Young and his team and the Workshop, through which four students contributed additional reporting, research and production assistance.

The program aired on Tuesday, May 24th, on PBS stations across the country. Stories also were broadcast May 24 on NPR's “All Things Considered,” and on May 25 on “Morning Edition.” 

More stories in the package include:

• Patrice Taddonio on whether and how insurance companies profit after a natural disaster and whether the government tracks their costs and profits.

• Sarah Childress on how states and cities are bracing for the next big disaster.

• Priyanka Boghani on FEMA's announcement of reforms to the flood-insurance program.