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FOIA case study: Treasury wants $12,000 to provide company-redacted stimulus grant applications

Posted: April 14, 2011 | Tags: FOIA, Freedom of Information, stimulus, Treasury Department

I know a lot about the stimulus bill’s Section 1603 grant program, certainly a lot more than the average person. But 19 months after I started reporting on it, I still don’t know much at all. And not for the lack of effort.

I know the program is a program for investors, awarding a tax credit of up to 30 percent of the cost of an investment in a green energy project, and that credit may actually be taken in cash. I know that the law doesn’t require much of the applicants, only that they prove they ...

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What we didn't say about China and wind energy

Posted: Oct. 28, 2010 | Tags: American Wind Energy Association, Investigative Reporting Workshop, Russ Choma, stimulus, wind energy

I guess you could say it's a small sign that the Investigative Reporting Workshop has arrived: Our stories about wind energy and the stimulus have become grist for the mill in scores of political campaigns around the nation in recent weeks.

These ads are mostly coming from Republican candidates for the House and the central charge in many of them is that stimulus money for wind energy has been going to China. Just to be clear, as Politifact and others have found, we never said that.

Russ Choma's carefully reported stories document that more than half the $4 ...

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'Five local stories to do now on the green stimulus'

Posted: Oct. 27, 2010 | Tags: Reynolds Business Center, Russ Choma, stimulus, wind energy

In case you weren't able to catch the live stream from today's Reynolds Center-sponsored event, 'What's Next For the Economy in Your Town,"  below you will find video from our reporter Russ Choma's presentation on 'Five Local Stories To Do Now On The Green Stimulus."

His PowerPoint presentation is here.

Wednesday's event, held at American University, was designed to help journalists determine which economic stories matter for their local audience. 

In addition to Choma, the workshop featured presentations by Gus Faucher, director for macroeconomics for Moody’s, Ezra Klein of The Washington ...

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Workshop's wind stories kicking up political dust

Posted: Sept. 27, 2010 | Tags: economy, stimulus, west virginia, wind energy

The race for West Virginia's Third Congressional District is heating up, and my Blown Away stories have suddenly resurfaced in the latest round of back-and-forth between the campaigns.

Politico reported today that Republican nominee Spike Maynard has released a new political ad targeting the long-time incumbent, Democrat Rep. Nick Rahall on the issue of stimulus money for renewable energy creating jobs in China. The ad, which you can see below, claims that, "as part of the Obama-Pelosi team, Rahall voted for billions in tax breaks for foreign companies creating Chinese jobs. Rahall's vote helped foreign companies create jobs ...

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Come and knock on our door

Posted: Sept. 22, 2010 | Tags: banks, BankTracker, failed banks, Flying Cheap, Frontline, stimulus, wind energy

It's been a few short years since the concept for the Investigative Reporting Workshop originated over a series of coffee and lunch meetings. Since then, the idea has grown to a reality that now includes offices on New Mexico Avenue and a staff of 20-plus strong investigative reporters and editors.

In that time, we've launched nine in-depth investigations ranging from nuclear energy's big lobbying push and green energy stimulus funds going overseas to an analysis of financial statements from every bank in the country and the political influence of media and broadband companies.

And, that's just ...

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Dispatch from 'Covering the Green Economy'

Posted: June 29, 2010 | Tags: Reynolds Business Center, stimulus

Reynolds Business Center

For the past day and a half I've been in Phoenix at the Covering the Green Economy conference at ASU's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. The conference, organized and hosted by the Reynolds Center for Business Journalism, was organized to give local reporters insight into covering the green economy.

It's a great topic. With the challenges we face as a nation economically and environmentally, green business is only going to become a bigger and bigger part of our world. But it's also a topic area that involves a heavy dose of science and a lot of ...

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'Covering the Green Economy'

Posted: June 28, 2010 | Tags: Reynolds Business Center, stimulus, wind energy

The Workshop's Russ Choma is in Phoenix this week for the Reynolds Business Center's "Covering the Green Economy" seminar.

Reynolds Business Center

Choma is on the program for 21 business and environmental journalists from around the country and Canada attending the seminar at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

The three-day reporting institute, funded by a grant from the McCormick Foundation, is designed to teach attendees "to recognize 'greenwashing,' track federal stimulus dollars designed to create green jobs, and answer consumers' most frequently asked questions about leading environmentally sustainable lives."

"Greenwashing" describes the practice of businesses falsely claiming ...

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Electronic medical records causing problems

Posted: April 21, 2010 | Tags: electronic medical records, Huffington Post Investigative Fund, stimulus

Problems with electronic medical records systems may have led to some deaths.

Huffington Post Investigative Fund reporters Fred Schulte and Emma Schwartz write in a new story about potential risks patients might face from electronic medical records systems.

Among their findings: "Scores of reports on file with the Food and Drug Administration detail consequences to patients when an electronic medical record system fails. Those reports, reviewed by the Huffington Post Investigative Fund, show that a central function of the record systems, known as computerized provider order entry, or CPOE, has been linked to instances in which patients died or suffered ...

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A basic lesson in mathematics

Posted: April 15, 2010 | Tags: stimulus

Administration officials were on Capitol Hill yesterday to celebrate stimulus funding for green energy. However, previous Investigative Reporting Workshop articles found that as much as 80 percent of the money from a direct cash grant program that rewards developers of renewable energy facilities went to foreign companies – and they in turn were buying mostly foreign-made turbines.

But Matt Rogers, the top stimulus advisor for the Department of Energy, told members of Congress that the program has been a huge success. How huge? Cash grants totalling $3.1 billion under the program so far, he said. And, he said, the program ...

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